About Us


First Step Daycare & After School is a Childcare and Early Learning Center serving families with children from infants to 12 years old.

First Step Daycare is located in Edmonton the property that is fully equipped with modern furnishings and high-security equipment to create a safe, spacious, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere where children can explore, grow, and learn


At First Step Daycare, we take a unique approach to child development. We ensure that your child attains the best educational experience possible by focusing on all aspects of child development through cognitive, physical, social and emotional development in a safe, nurturing and homelike environment.


Our dedicated teachers go beyond traditional childcare, guiding each child and using individual learning strategies and levels to establish the foundation required to develop the necessary skills for high-order thinking.


Attaining a quality early childhood education is the first step to ensuring a bright future for your child. We strongly believe that enrolling in a high-quality Childcare and Preschool Education Program increases the possibility of your child achieving a greater academic success, improved self-control and enhanced self-esteem.


We stand firm on our mission to supporting and developing the strengths and potential of the children in our care. It is our duty to deliver an enriching early education and care program through the provision of a safe, healthy, and clean environment where children can thrive.


First Step Daycare is striving to become a highly-recognized leader in the education and care sector by achieving and maintaining the highest-quality outcome from our Daycare and After School Program.

Special Programming:

It is important that we help children develop in all aspects of life. That is why we have several programs that are incorporated into our learn through play philosophy. To help in their physical development, we dedicate two 30 minute gym breaks per week for the children where the staff lead them in yoga and dance. This does not replace our regular scheduled outdoor play time but it enhances it. For their social development and to promote early life skills we have our KidsCanCook program. This program allows children to learn basic concepts of the kitchen and how they are used in everyday life. To support language development, infants and toddlers will be learning basic sign language words and phrases that we see in our daily life. These three programs are just the beginning. As we continue to grow will will be implementing new concepts in the current programs offered and starting new programs.

In the Kitchen:

A kitchen makes a house a home. This statement couldn’t be any truer as what can be better than a home cooked meal. Having a large kitchen will allow us to use ingredients and foods to make delicious and nutritious food for the children in our care. With a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack, these kiddos will be coming back for more daily.

Tech at First Step:

We are living in a world where it is inevitable that technology is sneaking its way into our daily lives. We decided to put it to good use. The following tech is what we offer to support parents at work and help staff care for the children in their classrooms.

Tablets: every classroom is equipped with a tablet for staff to be able to plan weekly activities, play music at nap times and snap Kodak moment pictures for parents. Along with our himama application, staff are able to complete a daily report of a child’s day and send it to parents so they don’t miss any important milestones in their child’s life.

Camera system: cameras have always had a place in our lives as they capture any special moment you want and are also able to have an eye out for your safety when you can’t. At first step daycare, we recognize that safety is the number 1 priority. Our camera system is a live feed which allows parents to check in our their children when they are able to. It is their for the enjoyment of parents but also for the safety of children and staff alike.

Intercoms and walkie talkies: with such big centers staff are able to communicate with the program supervisor or the office within seconds. Each room has an intercom system that is a direct line to the office and the walkie talkies are available for room to room contact.

Chubb Security: our building is located in downtown and with that we are happy to report that no one but management, staff and parents have access to the center. Each family will recieve a fobb card which allows them enterance into the center.

Laminating Machine: a big part of childcare is showing off all the great things your children are doing. Staff work hard on creating beautiful bulletin boards to display all the children’s arts and crafts. Laminating our creations will allow us to utilize them again and again in the future. The laminating machine cuts down time spent using a small machine by 80% giving our staff more time to focus on other aspects of their classrooms.


We have a team of professional childcare workers. Our owners and management team has over 10+ years of experience managing and operating daycare.
“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” ~ O. Fred Donaldson